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Our scope of services covers various phases of the investment cycle and project life cycle starting from investment planning and project feasibility initiation to investment implementation and project operation.
Project Control Services

CF Associates provides project control and planning services. Our goal is to add value to our clients’ businesses.

What sets us apart? Our unique partnering approach with our clients utilises both our global and local expertise.


We possess an extensive knowledge of local culture and customs, which enable us to fully understand the unique challenges that our client face. 

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QS and commercial management torquay
QS & Commercial Management


The cost plan is the baseline for controlled design development and provides an essential tool to enable projects to be delivered within budget. We provide cost effective commercial management to owners and contractors alike in the construction and engineering sectors worldwide.

CF Associates can provide highly skilled quantity surveyors and commercial managers to construction and engineering projects throughout the world that are an invaluable asset to our clients and help ensure that the projects are delivered to plan and budget.


CF Associates adopt a systematic and rigorous process from estimate stage to project’s execution including change management. CF Associates teams implement our robust commercial procedures to ensure that our client’s interests are protected throughout the cycle of the project.

BIM Management

CF Associates can manage the process of structured sharing and coordination of digital and non-digital information about a building project throughout its entire lifecycle, from design through procurement and construction and beyond, into the operation and facility management stage, all the way through to demolishment. 

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4D & 5D Visualisation Torquay
4D & 5D Visualisation


Working with our team, greater success in 4D/5D BIM projects is certain.


We offer to our clients 4D/5D visualised Models that provides a realistic view of their building from all perspectives which include precise information about a number of important aspects such as quantities, time schedules, and 'what if' scenarios.

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