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CF Associates have provided contract, commercial, planning and claims services in metro, tunnelling, station, P-Way and overhead line projects.
Crossrail West Outer
Overhead Line Electrification & Track Alignment. Maidenhead, UK

Extension of time delay analysis and quantum.

delay notification and analysis torquay
Jubilee Line Extension Project
Bermondsey Station. London, UK

Representing Aoki – Soletanche in delay notification & analysis, as well as claims negotiations. 

A27 Brighton Bypass
Southwick Road Tunnels. Sussex, UK

Commercial and claims management services on 4 sections of the A27 Brighton Bypass including Southwick Twin Bore Road tunnels and numerous structures and interchanges. Preparation for Arbitration. 

commercial and claims management services torquay
expert witness, quantum expert torquay
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Taiwan, ROC

Expert Witness in an arbitration between Hyder (one of the Design Consultants) and THSR Corporation. CF Associates was the Assistant to the Quantum Expert Witness.

Tubelines Limited
London, UK

Claims management services on behalf of Bechtel, on part of the London Underground, including a number of submissions to adjudication and a cumulative impact analysis on the overall framework agreement.

adjudication, impact analysis torquay
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